Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name Hirata Corporation
Headquarters 111 Hitotsugi, Ueki, Kita, Kumamoto, 861-0198 Japan
TEL. 81-96-272-0555
FAX. 81-96-272-7901
Representatives Yuichiro Hirata, President
Date Established Dec. 29, 1951
Accounts Closed Mar. 31 (annually)
Employees Consolidated 1,773
Non-Consolidated 1,021
Mar. 31, 2018
Capital 2,633 million yen
Stock Exchange Listings Tokyo Stock Exchange, 1st section(Code:6258)
Primary Client Banks Higo Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, MUFG Bank, Ltd., Kagoshima Bank, Kumamoto Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank
Fields of business Manufacture and sales of various manufacturing line systems, Industrial robot and logistic equipment.
Subsidiary Company Taihei Technos Co., Ltd.、 Trinity Inc.、 Hirata Field Engineering Co., Ltd.、 Hirata Corporation of America(USA)、 Hirata Engineering S.A.De C.V (Mexico)、 Hirata Engineering Europe GmbH (Germany) 、 Hirata FA Engineering (S) Pte.Ltd. (Singapore)、 Hirata Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Thailand)、 Hirata FA Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd.(Malaysia) 、 Hirata Automated Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.(China) 、 Hirata Mechanical Equipment Sales (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.(China)、 Taiwan Hirata Corporation(Taiwan)
Auditing Corporation KPMG AZSA LLC
Membership Japan Industrial Robot AssociationSEMI JapanJETRO Kumamoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Directors and Auditors


Representative Director, President Yuichiro Hirata  
Representative Director, Senior Executive Vice President Katsuyoshi Tachibana  
Director, Vice President Junichiro Yasutaka Division Director, Administration Div.
Director, Vice President Itsuo Fujiwara Executive General Manager, Equipment Business Div.
Director, Vice President, Chief Technical Officer Yasuhide Hiraga Division Director, Research and Development Headquarters
Director, Vice President Hitoki Hongo Division Director, Global Business Headquarters
Director, Vice President Kenji Kuroda Division Director(Administration), Business Headquarters
Director, Vice President Yuichi Ichihara Division Director(Sales), Business Headquarters
Director, Vice President Shojiro Hirata Division Director, Procurement Div., Investment in Equipment and Machinery
Quality Control
Director, Vice President Yasuhiro Fujimoto Finance & Accounting ,Investor Relations
Outside Director Hiroyuki Sasabe  
Outside Director Takashi Narusawa  
Audit and Supervisory Board Member Naokuni Motoda  
Audit and Supervisory Board Member Noriaki Torisu Certified Public Accountant
Audit and Supervisory Board Member Ken Imamura Attorney-at-Law
Audit and Supervisory Board Member Yasuhiko Endo  
Vice President Yukihiro Kawamoto Executive General Manager, Kanto Business Div.
Vice President Hiroshi Okubo General Manager, Product Business Promotion Dept.
Vice President Yoshitaka Taniguchi Executive General Manager, Kansai Business Div.

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