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At Hirata we are constantly striving to improve our services to our customers. We believe our unique production and manufacturing capabilities offer benefits beyond our customer's expectations. Our capabilities cover the full spectrum of Production Engineering, from Research & Development, System Design, Hardware & Software Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, System Test Running, to System Installation and Commissioning at the customer’s facility. With this complete ability to integrate a full "turn key" solution, we can guarantee "complete control over quality, costs and delivery".
We are also improving our management capability by experience and performance we have gained in various industrial fields, and spreading our know-how or "Hirata-ism".
It is our commitment to contribute to society by improving our products, and making ourselves more transparent, not only by generating more profit, but sharing it equitably.

An advanced production system must be "People-friendly"

Technical innovation never stops and any new production system must achieve not only higher quality and up-time, but also flexibility to cope with various changes in the production environment. No matter how automated or sophisticated a system is, production can never be completely human independent. It must satisfy the management with its efficiency and profitability as well as be friendly to manufacturing engineers, operators, and maintenance personnel. "People-friendly" is an important concept as we, as a system integrator of production equipment to be chosen by customers across the world, want to continue making systems that also nurture natural human ability.

Yuichiro Hirata
Representative Director, President