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At Hirata, our job is creating production engineering systems for our customers, who include some of the world's top manufacturers. Doing so requires us to constantly overcome challenges related to the most advanced technologies in the world. Another important factor is to ensure smooth and thorough international and cross-cultural communication among the people involved; the customers and the designers, technicians, and all the people here at Hirata. Hirata approaches a project by aiming to "enhance people to double their capabilities." This means not to eliminate people but to help them generate more added value, while allowing machines to do what they can do. This way people can save time and effort. Hirata is constantly updating its tools and environment to guarantee full support to customers in realizing their needs and ideas in their best possible form.

Sharing philosophies and technologies across a broad range of industries ensures more reliable production systems.

Hirata's production engineering philosophies and technologies continue to progress in various areas; automotive, FPD, photovoltaics, and semi-conductor industries. While secrecy is well protected, knowledge is often shared in many industrial fields, and with innovation this knowledge becomes compatible with customer's needs at the very highest level.

Production engineering and manufacturing; Hirata's specialty is integrated services from start to finish.

Hirata's services are designed to be completely integrated and include research and development, systems engineering and proposals, design, parts fabrication, device/module assembly, final assembly and testing, complete in-house pre-shipping run-off, installation, final run-off, production start-up and training, ME/operator/ maintenance, training, and after sales service and support. These in-house capabilities ensure smooth and comprehensive communication throughout our engineering and manufacturing processes, delivering reliable high-quality equipment on a timely basis.

Hirata's “Customers First” attitude in product and technology development and our experience and know-how in implementing various systems ensure a better final result for customers.

For us, "production engineering" means achieving performance, quality, safety, production efficiency, and costs exactly as the customer requires. Hirata has developed R&D and design capabilities with vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities which give us total system perspective. Joint development efforts with you will then achieve true "Production Engineering". The "Assembly Cell System" or ACS is a good example. This is what Hirata proposes as a system concept and consists of highly standardized modules which may be combined to create a truly flexible system.

Hirata offers completely integrated in-house manufacturing. We provide anything from a single mechanical part to a total system including production start-up, ensuring high level quality and quick manufacturing.

When it comes to custom-made production systems, it is very important to have strong manufacturing capabilities which guarantee product reliability and lower costs with shorter delivery time. It is our policy to have our people well informed of customers' day-to-day production issues and opportunities. Also, our designers are knowledgeable about our own manufacturing. That is exactly why we have complete and integrated manufacturing ranging from design to assembly, testing, and implementation within the company. Furthermore, we know that technologies progress constantly, so we continue to challenge new ideas and develop our people in order to improve our system.

We have accumulated experiences and advanced equipment for parts fabrication, sub-assembly and testing, and complete run-off. You can truly rely on us!

In Japan, Hirata has manufacturing plants fully equipped with a variety of unparalleled state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in the global production equipment manufacturers such as a large 5-face machining center, aluminum die-casting press, as well as an advanced machining center for 3D-CAD/CAE/CAM, and large assembly halls to facilitate everything from successful simulation runs and fabrication to verification and finishing, all in one go. Furthermore, we can realize a durable, high-reliability production engineering system at a low cost and in a short time.

Control engineering and production systems expertise

On top of our reliable control systems engineering, we also develop computer software Our engineers have gone through numerous projects and have faced and overcome many issues. They carry out "what if" routines to counter problems, and are always willing to allow expansion. This expertise, together with similarly experienced mechanical designers, makes your system easy to use, people friendly, and reliable.

With the knowledge we have acquired through global business, we give the strongest support possible to our customers.

Hirata's experience in many fields and our ability to view any project from a grand perspective allow us to excel in giving our customers support. By being onsite to provide support in such forms as maintenance or product updates, we strive to fulfill all of our customers' needs.

Broader horizons, more detailed support

To provide detailed professional support to our customers, Hirata has established business and production facilities in Japan and abroad. In addition, various existing specialist subsidiaries guarantee the constant influx of new knowledge and form a tight network that is crucial to providing full support to customers.

Because we operate globally, we try to make our local response as quick and flexible as possible. Hirata has delivered to over 40 countries worldwide.

Hirata's customer base spreads out to over 40 countries in the world. We are one of the rare suppliers that boast multiple operations in each major industrial zone in the world, with subsidiaries in North America, Europe, South East Asia, and China. That is why our response to requests is always quick. Hirata's field engineers are well-informed about the rules and regulations of different countries, and will therefore take these into account when coming up with a solution suitable for you. Hirata ensures peace of mind for our domestic Japanese customers constructing new overseas manufacturing facilities, as well as our overseas customers, by providing professional and fast engineering combined with true integrity.