Information Protection Policy

HIRATA Corporation (referred to below as the “company”), in compliance with the "Law on the Protection of Personal Information" has established its privacy policy related to the appropriate protection and use of personal information as described below for the information of the general public. The company shall review and continue to improve on this private policy to establish better management of the personal information.

1.Policy on the gathering of personal information

  1. The company shall establish its procedures on and strive to protect personal information in compliance with Japanese laws and rules regarding the protection of personal information.
  2. In order to manage personal information properly, the company shall appoint a person in charge at each department who shall be responsible for the proper management of personal information and shall conduct training and education to all its employees regarding protection of personal information.
  3. The company shall clearly specify the department and contact address responsible for managing the personal information received from the customer and shall not disclose the information to a third party except for reasons that are clearly specified in the contract and other valid reasons that may require the disclosure of personal information.

2.Use of personal information

The company shall use the personal information received from its customers only for valid purposes for the discharge of its contractual responsibilities to the customer, for the development of better products and for the company to be able to provide meaningful information to the customer among others.

3.Preservation of the accuracy of personal data

The company shall strive to keep personal data as accurate and as updated as possible that is necessary for the realization of the purposes with which the information shall be used.

4.Measures to ensure safety of information

The company shall institute rational and technical measures that will prevent the possibility of unauthorized access to, loss of, falsification of and disclosure of information.

5.Disclosure of personal data to third parties

When the company discloses personal information received from its customers to a third party, the company shall require the third party to prevent the disclosure of information by the third party in a contract except for valid reasons.

6.Entrustment of personal data

The company, in providing manufacture products and parts, services, technology and knowhow, entrusts businesses to sales companies, representative offices and special agencies. When the company entrusts information, the company shall select parties that fully satisfy standards for the protection personal information.

7.Procedure for requesting the disclosure of information

When the company is required to verify, revise or delete information received from the customer, the company shall comply within a reasonable period of time. Inquiries should be made to the responsible party in the company.

8.Inquiries on personal information

The company shall accept consultation and questions regarding personal information that the company possesses.
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