Environmental Activities

Corporations need to take an active approach to environmental conservation toward a sustainable society. We at Hirata establish environmental policies and promote environmental activities in line with the policies. We contribute to global environmental protection by reducing environmental load on our business activities, products and services.

Environmental Policy

We at Hirata establish environmental policies and promote environmental activities in line with thepolicies. In FY2016, we revised our policies, aiming toexpand our environmental activities and enhance theirperformance. In keeping with these policies, we contribute to protecting the global environment by reducing the environmental load of all aspects of our business activities, products, and services.

Particulars of Our Environmental Policy

Hirata Corporation contributes to protecting the global environment by reducing the environmental load of all aspects of our business activities, products, and services in order to achieve a sustainable society.

  1. Working towards manufacturing products with a reduced environmental load, considering the product lifecycle throughout its supply chain.
    • Promoting energy-saving products
    • Promoting recyclable design andmanufacturing of products
    • Reducing the amounts of harmful materialsused in our products and using substitutes
  2. Abiding by environmental laws, treaties, requirements and voluntary standards set as needed. Also, developing coordination and cooperative relations with relevant government agencies and contributing to the local society.
  3. Striving to improve productivity and conserve the environment throughout all our business activities and production processes, including sales, design, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service.
    • Reducing energy usage and the emission of greenhouse gases
    • Reducing waste and promoting recycle
    • Reducing harmful materials and using substitute article
    • Preventing environmental problems and pollution
    • Preserving biological diversity
  4. Increasing environmental awareness through implementing education and publicity programs.
  5. Reviewing the EMS regularly to enhance environmental performance and striving for continuous improvement.

Environmental Management

ISO14001 Certification

Approved workplaces ■Kumamoto Site
Headguarters/Kumamoto Plant, Kumamoto Plant (East Plant)
■Kanto Site
Kanto Plant (Tochigi Prefecture)
■Kansai Site
Kansai Plant (Siga Prefecture)
Inspecting organization Japan Quality Assurance Organization
Accreditation organization UKAS (UK)
Certification date February 26,2003

Environmental Targets

○: achieved, △: nearly achieved, ×: unachieved

Consideration for the Environment in Business Activities


Long –term
Evaluation FY2021
Reducing CO2 emissions By the end of 2020, we will decrease more than 3% of the amount of CO₂ emissions compared to that of 2017 when measured based on the actual production amounts. CO2 emissions per actual production reduced by 8% over FY2017. The energy inputs per actual production increased by 23% over FY2017. We work toward CO2 emission reduction by decreasing energy inputs through replacement to energy-saving facilities and tighter energy management.
Provision of Products with Reduced Environmental Load Development of environment-friendly design (energy saving, space/weight saving, substitution of harmful materials) We conducted product assessments to have achieved energy and space/weight saving products. We continue to conduct product assessments.
Managing chemical substances contained in products Inspection of Chemical Substances Contained in Our Products Broader targets are covered on new purchases at estimation by conducting RoHS compliance survey. We improve the response rate by expanding chemSHERPA target parts and reviewing the survey method.

Environmental Performance

We hope to reduce the burden on the environment and achieve our goal by grasping the impact made by our business activities.

Material Balance

Environmental loads in 2020 are as follows.

Environmentally-Friendly Products

Management Chemical Substances Contained in Products

In order to respond to a chemical substance related laws and regulations in Japan and overseas, including European RoHS Directive (*1) and REACH Regulations (*2), we will strengthen management of chemical substances contained in our products. In FY2020, we started RoHS compliance survey on new purchases at estimation. Thanks to suppliers' cooperation, we were able to further understand the chemical substance inclusion status. The information submitted by suppliers through chemSHERPA (*3) helped us a lot in the survey of chemical substances contained in our products. We are continuously working for controlling chemical substances contained in our products.

*1 RoHS Directive: Regulations of hazardous materials of EU
*2 REACH Regulations: Chemical substance management regulations of EU
*3 Format for providing data on chemical substances contained in products in a supply chain