CSR Activities

CSR Policy

Hirata Corporation will continue to contribute to sustainable social development under its management philosophy and CSR Policy in conducting business activities and through the activities of every employee in mutual support and cooperation with our many stakeholders.

1. Through technological innovations, we manufacture products that contribute to social development.

Through ceaseless technological innovation, by realizing each customer's desire for quality, safety and productivity, we will meet the expectations of society.

2. We respect human rights of all persons who are involved with our company.

We respect the individuality and personality of everyone involved with our company and build up a workplace, where employees can feel pride and job satisfaction.

3. We comply with related laws, social norms and internal regulations and carry out fair and impartial business activities.

We carry out fair and impartial business activities in compliance with laws, etc., and secure transparency through timely and appropriate information disclosure.Through these activities, we maintain a sound investment environment.

4. We build up appropriate relationships with all stakeholders.

We formulate appropriate relationships based on mutual trust with all stakeholders, including business partners and cooperate with each other for sustainable growth.

5. We make efforts to protect the environment and contribute to society through all corporate activities.

By striving to protect the environment, we ensure a safe and healthy life for local residents and actively contribute to society.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report