Compliance Charter

Fundamental Principles

Because of our "global" nature, we at Hirata Corporation as well as each of our Group companies abide by a set of established rules we call our "Code of Conduct" and strive for total compliance to it in order to effectuate commercial endeavors that are both fair and transparent always in accordance with legal statutes both domestically and abroad along with societal norms and in-house regulations.

Code of Conduct

Based on our business principles, we at Hirata are fully aware of our mission and role as a corporate entity with respect to our valued customers, shareholders, business partners, employees as well as the members of our local community and, in order to make a contribution to society at large, the following Code of Conduct is applied to all employees of every company in the Hirata Group with every single employee having the responsibility of maintaining and improving upon them.

1. Abiding by legal statutes and regulations

We at Hirata shall always abide by relevant laws and internal regulations whenever engaging in business activities, always compliant with social logic.

2. Engaging in fair and just business

We at Hirata, as a company that develops and provides optimal products and systems that benefit society, shall prioritize customer satisfaction and work to build fair, just and transparent relations with business partners.

3. Disclosure of corporate information

We at Hirata shall disclose information on the management of our company as well as on the condition of our activities to shareholders and investors at the suitable time and in an appropriate and fair method always in accordance with relevant laws and statutes. 
We shall take all the proper precautions whenever handling non-disclosed corporate information (insider information) making sure there is no profit-sharing or favors bestowed to individuals involved in the transaction of equity and other securities based on this information or to other parties.

4. Proper management and utilization of corporate assets

We at Hirata shall manage our company's tangible and non-tangible assets in accordance with internal regulations and never for personal gain or in ways contrary to corporate objectives.

5. Contribution to society

We at Hirata, as a good corporate citizen, shall place our energy in protecting the environment, reusing natural resources and developing the local community with the hope of entrenching ourselves deeply within the community.
We are against antisocial movements and organizations that threaten the order and security of the citizenry and vow never to associate with them.

6. Respecting the individual

We at Hirata shall strive to respect the rights, privacy, character and individuality of each and every single individual and make for a happy workplace for all.

7. Controlling confidential information

We at Hirata are devoted to the strict management of not only our valued customers' personal information but also our own secret corporate information and employees' confidential data, which we vow never to illegally or unfairly disclose or leak either during their employment or after their departure from this company.

8. Duty of practice and accountability

We at Hirata shall promptly report any and all infractions to this Code of Conduct in the event of their detection during the course of the execution of business in accordance to the same. Should such a report be issued, the employee or employees in question shall be protected from liability.