Business Continuity Plan

BCP Policy

To avoid unexpected disasters or problems that endanger business continuity, we continue business by extracting risks in advance, and prevent, defend, reduce those risks, and recover business in a short period of time in emergency situations.

  • Give top priority to the lives and safety of employees and their families.
  • Minimize the negative influence on the customer's business.
  • Contribute to our stakeholders.

We review our Business Continuity Plan on a regular basis for continuous improvement.

BCP flow procedure

Hirata group’s response to COVID-19

Hirata takes various measures to prevent the transmission of the new coronavirus infection and strives to ensure the safety of our employees and their families, and local residents as an important matter on BCP.

■Restrictions on business trip and correspondence to the emigration and immigration

Hirata limits business trips to areas where the infection has spread in Japan while responding to customer requests appropriately.  Regarding to overseas business, Hirata takes measures such as stricter approval of business trips with grasping the latest information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

■Employees’ family matter

If a family member living together becomes a close contact, the employee does not come to the office and reports to the BCP committee member of his/her department immediately.  In addition, Hirata asks the parties to refrain from going out until the test results are known and to wait at home such as work from home or special leave in order to prevent the spread of infection.

■Infection / diffusion prevention measures

Hirata recommends installing a contact confirmation application software called COCOA, restricting face-to-face meetings, meetings outside the company, and eating meals together, and canceling or postponing internal events in addition to daily preventing measures such as washing hands, gargling, and wearing masks.  Hirata also installs splash prevention panels at offices and meeting rooms, operates ventilation fans all the time, carries out remote work, determines the seats in the employee cafeteria in one direction, measures the temperature of visitors, and performs regular disinfection at each department.


Hirata organizes and posts the details of the above items on a special site on our intranet by item so that employees can refer to them at anytime.