Business Continuity Plan

To avoid unexpected disasters and problems that may hinder business operations, we will work to mitigate risks to the business continuity and, furthermore, to customers as well as to resume our business operations in the shortest possible time after a disaster by considering all possible risks in advance and taking into account prevention, protection, and reduction measures.

  • In the unlikely event that our company itself is the victim of a disaster, we make re-establishment of our business a priority to ensure that we are there to meet the needs of our customers and/or stricken areas that require assistance.
  • In advance of any possible phenomena (disasters, unanticipated problems), we implement precautions and restoration plans taking into account any possible risks which may exert a large effect on core business operations, as well as continually practice disaster prevention and BCP training.
  • During normal times, we provide training for employees, implementing a clearly defined plan of action in emergencies and disasters.

Confirmation of safety of employees in case of disasters is a top priority item in the efforts of BCP. Hirata Corporation has introduced an external system of confirming safety in order to confirm safety quickly and efficiently.
With the above system, mail can be sent to confirm safety from the outside or remote areas and totals can be confirmed. We regularly send test emails as drills for employees to respond quickly. Moreover, we believe that companies thinking and acting from the positions of the public, public interest, and society and maintaining good relationships with all of their stakeholders will lead to improvements for shareholders.

BCP flow procedure