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Robot controller

Robot controller

Robot Controller HNC-96DS

Implantable Robot Controller into control panel for Small cartesian robot & SCARA robot

This is implantable robot controller into control panel for small cartesian robot & SCARA robot. By using the same two products, maximum 15 axis can be controlled.


Outside dimension

W400 × D162.2 × H310 [mm](maximum 6 axis version)
W460 × D162.2 × H310 [mm](maximum 8 axis version)

Input Voltage

(Control)Single-phaseAC200 ~ 230V ± 10% 50/60Hz
(Drive)Single- or Three-phase AC200 ~ 230V ± 10% 50/60Hz

Standard Axial Composition

4 axis(30A×2,15A×2)(maximum 6 axis version)
6axis(30A×2,15A×4)(maximum 8 axis version)

External Interface

CC-Link, DeviceNet, Parallel I/O, Ethernet/IP, LAN, RS-232C

Sensor Specification


Ingress Protection(IP) Rating


Safety Category


Adaptable Overseas Standards