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Hirata combines different standards to form a unique method.

Reliable production systems at a lower cost and a shorter delivery time.

ACS (Assembly Cell System) Concept

The ACS is Hirata's unique production engineering system concept. It is an assembly line system of highly standardized modules, allowing for great reliability and cost performance in a short time. We have a record of high reliability in actual performance, especially in automotive-related production business.


Equipment and parts used at each operation of the manufacturing process are standardized and integrated into 'standardized modules'.


Each module is equipped with a range of functions adaptable to different manufacturing processes.


Stable product quality and a minimization of equipment failure are assured through standardization.

  • Accelerates production start-up by shortening the time to install and qualify equipment.
  • Simplifies the assembly line by standardizing parts to reduce space and ease maintenance.
  • Shortens the assembly line and reduces in-process inventory.
  • Adapts readily to product changes or future assembly line changes.
  • Supports changing production output by modifying equipment quantity or layout.