Hirata received "The Japan Machinery Federation Chairman Award" in the 6th Robot

Award history


Hirata Corporation is pleased to announce we and Sakura Finetek Japan Co.,Ltd.(http://www.sakura-finetek.com/), a medical equipment manufacturer, receive "The Japan Machinery Federation Chairman Award" in our joint names. Hirata designs and produces fully automatic continuous slicer “Tissue-Tek Smart Section” for preparing pathological sample on consignment contract with Sakura Finetek Japan Co.,Ltd.. This slicer is highly-regarded as a social value product.

In medical equipment industry, more and more system automation is required because of heavy burden on operators with the increased volume of specimens to be tested and operator shortage issue nowadays. Additionally, pathological specimens such as cancers need to be thin-sliced with uniform thickness with operators’ proficient skill. Thus, they are still prepared by hand.

Under the circumstances, Hirata Corporation and Sakura Finetek Japan Co.,Ltd. develop our own independent structure by using air pressure and water surface tension in our joint names. This equipment enables you to make thin slice with uniform thickness precisely. In addition, it prevents any misidentification of specimen and any mix of other specimens.

This high-integrity and easy-to-use equipment reduces operators’ burden and prevents any misidentification and/or mixed-up in clinical inspection site, making contributions to medical field.