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ECO Electric (Low-thrust) Traverser [ETV]

A traverser developed based on customer feedback to solve various problems of commonly distributed AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle).

AGV's built-in battery makes it unsuitable for production lines with short downtime operation cycles. In addition, since the stopping accuracy is not high enough, there is a problem that a separate positioning mechanism is required when using it for the conveyor transit part, and it takes time to recover if it stops due to a battery failure.

This traverser is driven only by 24VDC, not require a large power supply unit, and can be safely stopped with low thrust (less than 75N). Accurate positioning with the transfer section of the conveyor is possible. In addition, the simple structure makes maintenance easy.


Safe Low thrust is realized by mechanical structure.
Even if a person collides unintentionally, it stops safely, so it is possible to collaborate with people, eliminating the need for safety fences and sensors for detecting people, and making it possible to work without stopping the machine.
The low voltage of 24VDC saves energy and reduces the risk of electric shock.
Energy/Cost saving By reducing wiring using I/O slaves, both construction time and recovery time can be significantly reduced, and production line construction and layout changes with short delivery times can be achieved.
24VDC, no power cable is required and wiring is simple.
Since an expensive power panel is not required, initial costs can be reduced.
Because of 24VDC, power consumption is lower than 200VAC and running cost can be reduced.