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ECO Electric DC Conveyor [ECV]

Conveyor that combines the power to carry heavy objects up to 280 kg and the safety that can be easily stopped with one hand. It does not require a safety fence that needs to be installed to ensure human safety, or a sensor that detects human intrusion, making it possible to work in cooperation with machines.
It has a reputation for production lines in the automotive industry, such as applications where people assemble parts while running products on a conveyor.

By combining with the ECO electric series, a production line that does not require pneumatic tooling can be realized, and running costs can be reduced drastically.

* ECO AC conveyor requires an installation of a Control panel, but ECO DC conveyor does not require a Control panel because it is 24VDC operated by I/O slaves.


Extensibility/Flexibility Because it is a modularized conveyor, it can be used immediately after installation.
Flexible to change layouts.
Easy wiring with only M12 connector connection, so instrumentation work is easy.
Wide space in the center of conveyor makes it easy to expand positioning devices.
Slits are provided in advance on the side of the frame, and parts can be easily attached by fixing them with bolts.
Easy-to-maintain No chain adjustment required due to unique structure (patented).
Easy replacement of roller unit and motor.
Since the drive chain is inside the frame, oil and dust, which are often generated at the production site, are hardly penetrated structurally.
Energy/Cost Saving By combining with our original series, it is possible to realize a transfer system without pneumatic toolings, which has a small number of peripheral parts and low running cost.
Since an expensive power panel is not required, initial costs can be reduced.
24VDC needs lower power consumption than 200V AC, reducing running cost.
Safety The drive chain is not exposed.
Space Saving Since the motor position and the drive transmission counter shaft are installed at almost the same position as the transport rollers, the cross section of the conveyor is very compact and low floor is achieved. Can be transported at low positions.
Because the motor is installed inside, there is no need to consider the position and orientation of the motor.