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Free Flow Conveyor [CV50C]

ECO Electric conveyor (Free Flow conveyor) which has both strength to carry a heavy object up to 280kg and the safety to stop its conveyance with one hand.

Safety fences that need to be installed to ensure human safety and sensors that detect human intrusions are not required, making it possible to work in cooperation with machines. It has great reputation to use at production line in automotive industry, which people assemble parts to products while flowing products on the conveyor.

Combined with the ECO electric series, it is possible to actualize a production line that does not require pneumatic tooling, and it is possible to reduce the running cost drastically.

This conveyor is constructed with our original aluminum frame that has been developed through years of know-how, high in extensibility and maintainability.

Free Flow conveyor

By adopting the friction roller, it is possible to stop the workpiece conveyed on the production line during assembly work. It is possible to stop or flow only the workpiece on the roller only by the judgment of the operator without stopping motor, which leads to improvement in work efficiency, quality and productivity. It is safe because excessive conveyance thrust generation is suppressed.


Extensibility Large space in the center of the conveyor offers easy extension for locators and other devices. (See below picture for detail.*1)
Easy to install parts on the slits with bolts along the side of the frame.
Easy to maintain In-house developed, unique structure makes drive chain tension adjustment unnecessary.[Patented]
Easy to replace the roller units and the motor.(See below picture for detail.*2)
Since the driving chain is placed inside the frame, oil and dusts are less likely invaded structurally, which are often generated at the production site.
Flexibility Modularized conveyor that flexibly accommodates layout changes.
Readily available right after installation.
Energy and Cost saving Combined with our original eco-electric series, We achieved to build a transportation system without pneumatic equipment, which has few peripheral parts and low running cost.
Safety Since drive chain is not exposed, it is safe with no entanglement or parts entering.
Space saving With the patent structure, the motor position and the drive transmission countershaft are set at approximately the same height as the conveying roller. It actualized a compact cross section of the conveyor and low flooring.

*1 Easy extension for locators and other devices.

*2 Easy to replace the roller units and motor.

Type CV50C
Conveyor type Roller type free flow conveyor
Roller outline Φ50 × 10 mm
Roller pitch 158.5 mm
Conveyance weight 30 - 280 kg
Conveyance weight per drive 840 kg  (ex.) 280 kg × 3
Estimated conveyance powe 9kgf
Estimated conveyance speed 22.9 m/min. (60Hz)
Total length 561 - 5950 mm
Pallet size Width :300 mm. 400 mm. 500mm

Length :300 mm(minimum)
Motor power source Three phase AC220/220V. 240/480V
Motor capacity 0.2 kW