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ECO Electric Stopper [EST32/EST50/EST80]

We developed ECO Electric Stopper focusing on "stopping / releasing the pallet" safely with simple structure when we constructing production line.

Since it is driven by 24VDC, it does not require pneumatic equipments such as a compressor, you can drastically reduce electric consumption and CO2 emissions at the factory.
In addition, since no controller is required, no complicated settings are required, and installation to the production line is completed in a short period of time.

It has a structure that considers mechanical safety and ease of maintenance.
Since the moving parts are not exposed, there is no pinching of fingers, and a mechanism that mechanically disperses the impact of receiving the pallet makes it less likely to break down.

Another major feature is that consist with few components, and there is little need for replacement or failure.

Example of use
Example of use


Saving Energy and Costs

No need for pneumatic tooling like compressors, cuts energy consumption down to 1/36 (as compared to our conventional product), and reduces CO2 emission. Requires only 24VDC cable. Low initial investment and running cost.


Easily compatible with pneumatic devices of domestic major manufacturer.
Type: EST32, EST50, and EST80 (Numerical values represents the inner dia.)Transferable weight capacity: 70, 280, and 530 kg (Friction coefficient μ0.05)


Small work envelope and no pinch point.


Upper detection sensor Selectable from OMRON and Effector made.
Sensor cover Protect sensor from object dropping or dripping from upper side.
Mechanical stop Hold pallet in place of the lever when the lever is retracted by the reaction of the shock absorber against the workpiece lifted for positioning.
* For details, please refer to instruction manual [3.2. Mechanical Stop (optional). ]
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