FA Unit Sales

Hirata's versatile, safe- and user- friendly FA Units are now on sale on a single unit basis. We provide a full lineup of products available for various conditions by conforming to major international safety standards (some exceptions may apply).

ECO Electric series - on sale -

Our ECO Electric series is being developed with the following emphasis on;
1. Consideration for safety and natural environment:
"Equipment that is friendly to people and environment."
- Pneumatic tooling is not required
- Low Thrust
- 24VDC
2. Easy to install and use:
"No need for exclusive controller",
- Controller is not required
3. Easy to maintain:
"Structure that does not easily break down",
4. Flexibility:
"Simple and easy to change layout".

These products can be easily replaced and effective by a single unit (replacement from pneumatic devices), but by constructing the entire production line as a series, further synergistic effects can be expected.

ECO Electric series - Specialized products for general use -

In order to response to customer needs, we are working on the product development of various devices that make up the conveyor and its peripheral equipment.These devices have already been put into practical use and are in operation at various factories in Japan and overseas.Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries or requests.

Standardized Control Unit - on sale -

This is a standard control unit developed jointly with MiSUMi Japan, which can be ordered simply by selecting items from selection provided on the website. In general, it takes great deal of time and effort to construct a control unit, such as selecting and arranging parts from various manufacturers, creating and assembling panel layout. We provide easy-to-order, quick-delivery product lineups to solve them.