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Auto-loader system HLD series

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Auto-loader system HLD series

Space saving, high speed glass substrate loading and unloading system


Auto-loader system HLD series loads and unloads glass substrates in the stocker. The HLD Series also supports large scale systems with a complete line of related products including elevators, in-line buffers, and cross conveyors.



In-line buffer

Cross conveyor


Supports 3rd to 10th generation glass substrates

We feature a lineup of products that can support each generation of glass substrates

Space savings

The pitch between ports has been reduced by employing a cassette-interior positioning system. All equipment is built into the system

High level of cleanliness, includes a misalignment correction function

A non-contact aligner is used to make it possible to remove misaligned substrates in the cassette without touching the cassette


Includes various interlock functions that take into consideration the safety of workers and the machinery

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