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Versatile Eco Electric Stopper Series for any application

We have developed motor-driven energy-saving eco electric stopper series for conveyor systems that replace the conventional air cylinder type, backed by our expertise and experience in providing a variety of production equipment solutions. Below we introduce the products we have been recommending to our customers, which have been achieving excellent results.

Stoppers hold pallets carrying workpieces at designated positions on production line conveyors during assembly work, etc.

Since stoppers are used at intervals of one to two meters on production lines, several hundred of them are used in large facilities like automotive engine assembly lines.


With these Eco electric stoppers, the solenoid valves, air piping, and air hoses used for conventional air cylinder systems are no longer required.

Mounting dimension is compatible with major Japanese pneumatic stoppers and it is easy to replace.

In addition, unlike most other Eco electric stoppers, controllers are not required and the stopper needs only a 24VDC power supply to operate.

With small work envelope, there no pinch points, safe and secure.

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This makes our lineup of stoppers eco-friendly, with low power consumption and CO2 emissions.

They also help reduce initial investment and running costs, providing high cost performance.


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