Business Continuity Plan

To avoid unanticipated disasters and problems from hindering uninterrupted business operation, we consider all possible risks in advance, and take prevention, protection and reduction measures into consideration to ensure continued business operation, giving our customers piece of mind against risks while ensuring that business returns to normal within the shortest time possible after a disaster.

  • In the unlikely event that our company itself is the victim of a disaster, we make re-establishment of our business a priority to ensure that we are there to meet the needs of our customers and/or stricken areas that require assistance.
  • In advance of any possible phenomena (disasters, unanticipated problems), we implement precautions and restoration plans taking into account any possible risks which may exert a large effect on core business operations, as well as continually practice disaster prevention and BCP training.
  • During normal hours, we provide training for our employees, implementing a clearly defined plan of action for emergencies and disasters.

BCP flow procedure

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