03 Panel manufacturing systems

In the Panel manufacturing systems, Hirata provide cutting systems, coater systems and lamination systems for the glass display and "Auto-loader systems", which utilizes transfer robots. We have much experience with large scale projects, allowing us to help you make a suitable plan for your lay-out and distribution, according to your visions and requirements.

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Coater system

Coater systems

High precision coater systems that support 1st to 10th generation glass substrates. Hirata coater system incorporate all the necessary equipment from cassette ports, coating equipment, and pressure difference driers, to substrate transfer robots.

Glass cutting systems

Glass cutting systems

As a comprehensive solution, Hirata equipment supports cutting, transfer, division and shifting materials such as the chemically strengthened glass that is used in displays.

Auto-loader system

Auto-loader system HLD series

Auto-loader systems HLD series loads and unloads substrates in the stocker. It achieves space savings by containing all the necessary equipment inside the systems and by employing Cartesian coordinate substrate transfer robots. Transfer time is also reduced by utilizing high speed transfer robots and rigidity has been ensured that is capable of withstanding high speed transfers.

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